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NYC Best MassageLife continues to be an extraordinary ride, up and down, fast and slow, day and night, the pendulum of existence swings from one extreme to the other. In the flux of place and time, I continue to travel toward some unknown end. Step by step, day-by-day, the journey is long, ambiguous, strange, and beautiful. At this moment, the one certainty I have is that there is no certainty. I’ve given up expecting happiness in some unpromised tomorrow or bemoaning the misdirection of unchanging yesterdays. In this moment, there is no future and there is no past, nothing to achieve and nothing to regret. I count my blessing to find truth in the ecstasy of awareness.”


Best Stretching Thai Massage

Touch at its most basic level has the power to comfort, nurture, connect, and help us to explore the world around us. I was fortunate at an early age to be taught that touch with guided intention can also bring healing, transformation, and calm to body mind and spirit. I have had the opportunity to studied at the countries leading healing arts colleges and institutions and be mentored by extraordinary holistic, therapeutic and spiritual teachers. Like a musician plays with sound, pulling from notes and various instruments and sounds to create something unique, I too am dedicated to continuing to educate myself, becoming more familiar with other modalities I feel lend to my awareness and enhance my practice. I believe that bodywork is an exchange between the practitioner and client, I consider it a privilege to given the knowledge and opportunity to work with someone is such a capacity.

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Licensed Massage Therapist / Masseur
Spa Manager & Spa Concept Developer